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Still lurking here...

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Hi all,


Don't know if I should have posted this in Cantina, feel free to move this if it's on wrong area.


Just wanted to let you know that I'm still lurking here and still have my Shadow Scout in slow progress.

It's just that a one broken car, one rejection from an insurance company and a trip to Celebration Europe II ate all of the funds I had for SC armor & helmet.

It's that much feared Darth Real Life guy again :angry:


It might be Xmas before I can buy the armor parts but I have already noticed a few times that waiting is a big part of costume building.

So far I have a flightsuit which needs a bit of tailoring plus riding patches & mudflap. Managed to get gloves ( Thanks again Jim for the tip :) ). Have Doopy Doos resin E-11 kit, fabric for vest & cummerbund and all of the elastics except 12mm and 50mm. Funny thing is that unlike in US, you can find 35mm elastic here easily. Just walk to the store and buy all you need.

Seems like it's 12mm which is a bit harder to find here.


OK, sorry for the whining, I'll start a WIP thread when I have a bit more parts purchased and a bit more work done to my flightsuit ;)

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Annual "I'm still here" announcement :)


Been way too busy lately at work and during the little free time I've had I've been mostly building a Shadow Guard for my wife.


My Shadow Scout parts have been sanded except the holster and back half of the helmet. Satin black is the way to go for me.

Everything but boots and blaster have been purchased. I have a E-11 kit waiting though.


So, I'm going to struggle to get my wife's Shadow Guard ready asap just to get my Scout build finally rolling full time.

What actually motivates me to get my Scout done is the fact that I really want another costume besides my Incinerator Trooper.

As much as I love that costume, I'm getting a bit tired trooping in it.

3 + 3 hours last saturday and 2+2 hours last sunday and my body's still aching from that.

Maybe I'm getting old or something :)

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The scout is easier on the body for sure, but you know they all are hard. Anything we can do to motivate you my INC brother?

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