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A cheaper option Adding sound to your costume

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Thought i'd post this up as this is a relatively cheap costume sound option which appears to have good reviews .......and the TShirts are out at a great price 40% off ATM


Link to the Think Geek personal sound shirt https://www.thinkgee...m/product/a5bf/


Link to how to mod it http://www.whitearmo...ut-to-aker-amp/


Link to amp http://www.ebay.com/...=item1e73629832


Total under $60 + postage.


Fully programable and 20 sounds also it is my understanding sounds can be looped



Hope this helps anyone looking for a cheaper option and possibly to suit a variety of costumes


Cheers Steve

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Whoever does the mod should put a video so we hear what itll sound like


I,ve got a couple on order so when i get mine i'll do the mod and post it up for you guys, A guy in my garrison uses it for his wookie and it sounds pretty damn good but he said i'll need to solder on thicker wires as they quite thin and can break easily if not held securely

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