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My Imperial Field Medic/ Field Surgeon build

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Ok, So I found THIS:



And I decided, "Hey, I can make that, and no one else has, to the best of my knowledge". So here is from the Wookieepedia:


Army surgeons wore turquoise blue uniforms and helmets with breathing filters that partially covered their faces. They utilized a wide variety of operating gear and a small network of medical computers that aided in monitoring the patient's condition.


But to my great sadness they have removed this pic from the entry.


I started with the helmet. I took a used kids skate helmet and removed the lining, then used two part epoxy putty to fill the holes. I cut up an old B-Pull Stormie helmet I had acquired a while back to use and here is what I had:



I added some old ear protectors and had this:



A LOT of sanding, priming, and sanding later, I had this:




Looking at this I quickly realized that the Stormie face plate was not going to cut it, so I jumped in to something I have done VERY little of in the past...I sculpted a new mask. Here is the first pass in clay:


I heated and bent small pieces of pvc tubing to make the chin ridges and used scrap electrical wire to edge it. I used small rings of pvc to create the circles.


I made the mistake of leaving it out uncovered overnight and came back to a dry, cracked mess. SO I started over, this time with Sculpey clay:




I used the dried clay as guides and refined the sculpt to try and make it closer to the original art. a lot of shaping, sanding, bondo and glazing putty later I had this:



I then made a Mold of this. It is not where i want it to be, but I am running out of time before Dragon*Con, so this is what I got. I will do a complete new sculpt when I have more time.



I used these super cheap "Vacuum Preserving Containers" I found at Harbor Freight so I could de-gas my mold



Once the mold had cured overnight, I put in a layer of white polyresin gelcoat to give me a smooth surface (Forgot to take pics). Then Yesterday I laid in the first layers of Fiberglass, and that is where I am now:



Going back to the helmet, I found the paint color I needed and an acceptable visor and I had this (Again, using the Stormie just for the general look) :


I have the suit ( You can see it in the background over my left shoulder) and some other stuff I will post pics of later.

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Interesting costume and information. I remember when you found this dude. :thumbsup:


We need to locate more pics for reference shots (at least 3 total). Since it's basically a "new to the Legion costume", we'll need to provide all the info, reference pics, supporting comic/book references, etc. to the LMO team. Also, without an image of the lower half of the costume, there is no way to complete it (pants, belt, boots, etc.).


Here's another link:




"Kornell Divini was a captain in it.


During the Battle of Maridun, General Ziering's forces included field surgeons. When Ziering suffered an injury to his eye, they attempted to repair it, but Ziering chose to return to command during the operation, so he lost sight in that eye."


--Star Wars Empire: To the Last Man

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