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Snipers Swamp Trooper FC-1 Flechette Launcher

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Some of you here may know that I'm getting all the parts for my Swamp Trooper (animated version), picking up my MC armour in the next few days, already build a Swamp Sniper rifle, 90% finished.


Decided to build the Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Launcher, the formal weapon that goes with this. I've already started a thread that I'm doing this and this is the WIP thread.


Here's a few reference pics.




I'm heading overseas really soon and won't be back until mid September, so it's fabrication planning and looking at ways to build this, basically brainstorming until I get back.


As drthmrl mentioned, using this wood for the frames which I probably will do. Thinking about making 4 hexagonal bulkheads and turning it into a frame and then adding the sides to that. Looking at using PVC tubes for the barrels and PVC for the darts, with a pistol grip on the bottom and real scope.


Length wise it looks about 18" or 45-50cm's.


That's it for now, stay tuned! :thumbsup:

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I'm not leaving for 2 weeks so decided what the hell and get stuck into this launcher. First pic is planning on my notebook, finding lengths, ideas and brain storming. Please note, all the measurements are in centimetres. Also sorry for the images being hard to see, I cannot rotate them properly.


I had a piece of PVC, so translated the measurements onto it to get a real scale of things, the red tape is the end of the launcher. A total of 55cms.



With the length sorted, went scaling out the hexagonal body, it's 12 cm each side, one had cut off at 25mm and the other 15mm. I'll be using the one on the top. The circles are for the PVC barrels, 25mm and the flechettes being 20mm in diameter.


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All righty, had the day off so got some serious work on this. First pic is marking out the 5 MDF bulkheads, 3 for the barrel area and 2 for the butt end. Also will be running a cost updates.


Masonite: 4.90

MDF: 6.15

Pine Spars 2.13

Pine Strip: 2.50

2 x 20mm PVC tubes 4.00

Total costs: 19.68



The 5 bulk heads, made out of 6mm MDF.



This was a 1:1 scale plan for my DLT-19 used it as it is a Star Wars weapon.



Modified the plans and drew this and transferred it to tracing paper.



Had some cheap pine and made this.



The bulkheads with the 4 barrels drilled.



Cut 4 x 20mm barrels 34cm long.



The bulkheads, barrels installed. Decided to add a square spine, to join the barrel and the butt ares, gives the launcher more strength.



Cut the masonite covers and made the butt area.



A rough look at the shape of it, note the green rifle top of shot is my Swamp Snipers rifle (WIP) and my trusty Gong Droid.



Another look at the rough shape, total length 21inches or 56cms



Weighed it and so far 1kg or 2 1/4 pounds?

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this is fun to watch. Thanks for sharing your construction step-by-step.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I had one final Sunday to work on this before leaving for 2 weeks break. Decided to make the scope from PVC that goes on the side, instead of using a standard toy or real one. Will be adding plastic optics later.






I used wood filler to even up the outside and will be covering this with ABS, pics of that in a few days. The end butt is screwed into place and the missiles are on a thread system so they can be replaced. I will post up a close in shot of the missiles later. Even though it was a mistake on my part, but worked out well, the missiles are a fraction wider than the barrels. This means that the missiles or flechettes will not fully fit into the barrels. Have to keep this "prop" convention safe. The tip of the missiles are the same type used on nerf darts.




Another side view, the left side is where the scope will be mounted.




I'll try to post up more WIP pics before leaving on holidays. :thumbsup:

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When I get back from overseas my plans are to start/ finish my Swamp Trooper and the launcher, which could be ready for approval at the end of the year. I could make one or two of these in the new year, will have to think about that.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Back from Bali and right onto this. Had a really productive day working on the launcher.



This is where I got up to before leaving for Bali.



After a days work. The aft section is not fully attached yet.



Side view



Rear side view



That's it for now, will be doing more work next Sunday, adding the trigger stud. Also if anyone has any ways or comment to improve this launch, please let me know. :yes:

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I love this. It's really quite impressive how you have developed the details.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Did some more work yesterday. Added some more wiring and details, glued everything in place. Just need to paint the missiles, later today. Then next Sunday will add the paint pin striping, the W shape patten round the barrel and lenses into the scope. Also need to glue in the 2 switches and finish off any fine details.


Then I can start work on the Swamp Scout blaster, photo below.







This is the Swamp Scout blaster. Going to use a Colt 45 Long Slide as a base, this should be here this week.


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what did you use for the greeblies? They really are a nice detail.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think it's gorgeous. Admirable work sir. I'll PM my address, and you can send it there ;)

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  • 1 year later...

Sadly, Craig is no longer with us. His wife finished the costume and Mel now represents Craig in the Legion. He was a top-notch fellow.


Sad to hear but I am glad his wife is continuing on with things :) This was an amazing build and I hope others will take the time to look at it :)

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