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Tekkets Tie Fighter Pilot Build (Thanks to parts purchased from Izzi)

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After finishing my TX i now have the bug :D


So when I came across some Tie pilot Gear For Sale on Spec Ops site I thought WOW I cannot turn that opportunity down. Thanks Izzi


ANH Tie Pilot


Helmet - Believed to be DA (Dark Agent) UK


Chest / Back / Chest Box - MC (Mon Cal)


Flight Suit - Hammerheart44



Gauntlet Gloves - Unsure, but are leather and same as Vaderdave


Hoses - Discreet Express ...Kinky Hey :P



Compad - Unsure but correct size and colouring and curved ......I may upgrade to one with perrdy lights at a later stage.


Belt- Muppet (TAG)Excellent Quality Thanks mate


Code cylinders - gmrhodes13 (TAG)


Greeblies - Elvis Trooper Including Polished Aluminium upgrades for the chest box (noice)


Boots - Genuine un-issued GERMAN KNOBELBECHER MILITARY ENGINEER BOOTS From a private seller on ebay


I haven't put this up for submission as yet due to me being a fussy little bugger and wanting better quality pictures, however here are some pictures taken on the weekend while Ameph (a friend and SDG member) and I helped our local Scout group raise some money at the Strathalbyn (our home town in oz) Antique and Hobby Fair :D












Thanks for looking guys and girls :D

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Looking good Steve. You've almost convinced me to do a tie fighter next instead of the snowie. :)

Do a Tie pilot as Snowie armour is hard to find these days. I have a RP just about complete then I will buy some armour as well later down the track.

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There are a couple of new armour suppliers for the Snowtrooper. One is available now (RS Props) and the other shouldn't be too far away . I haven't totally locked into doing the snow trooper as I'm also considering a Galactic Marine or Shadow Scout. Maybe then a tie pilot. ;)

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