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Imperial Purge Trooper

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I am posting this here since it is considered a part of the Dark Trooper project, but feel free Mods, to put it where it would be better suited.




I have decided to start a new project, the Imperial Purge Trooper from The Force Unleashed. For those of you that have played the game, you remember the nightmare these guys gave you.


First a little background on the character


Standing at almost 9 ft tall, the Purge Trooper was designed to hunt and kill force users. They utilize an energy blade on their left arm, and also has a personal shield to block attacks. Their armor is made from Duranium armor enhanced with refined cortosis which reduced the damage dealt by lightsaber attacks. The Purge Trooper also has magnetic boots to prevent being force gripped or force pushed. There is also a medium range rocket launcher on the right shoulder to give the Purge Trooper ranged attacks.




Now to the project,


I started off trying to sculpt the helmet by hand. Well, needless to say, that failed miserably. I had managed to get my hands on the original game files for the Purge Trooper, and isolated the helmet from the rest of the model.




From there I uploaded the helmet into Pepakura Designer and unfolded the helmet, printed, glued, ect.


Here is where the project currently stands-










Next step is to fiberglass the helmet and start the bondo work. I will sculpt the details like the vocoder separate and add them later.

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Thanks guys! I finally got around to starting the fiberglass work to the helmet. First coat of resin is on the outside. I will coat the inside, then start with the fiberglass cloth.










There are some asymetries near the back at the neck ring once it dried. Not too bad, and easily fixable.

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Those Pep guys always impress me :). One of these days I will be able to invest some time in using pep and get those skills down. Needless to say, that bucket from pep is looking pretty great. I am curious, how tall are you planning on making this guy?


Thanks! I am still working that out. I stand 6' 2" barefoot. The in game trooper is around 9-10 ft tall. I might add another foot to keep me towering above fellow troopers and jedi.


The inside has been fiberglassed, but the pictures really do not show much. I will fiberglass the outside this week, since the temps here are falling I need to glass quickly.

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