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Black Hero Lenses?!?

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Do these exist? I've been looking everywhere and cannot find them. If anyone has them or knows where to find them please pm me. If not I'll settle for flat black lenses. If anyone has a flat pair of black lenses or knows where to buy them please pm me. Thanks in advance!

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I can make em, It's two seperate lenses not a single, and I can do em in any material, you just gotta name the material and there's a minimum purchase so say if twenty dudes want lenses, we go in on a sheet and we bust out twenty sets. Just a thought

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Not sure what material, maybe a shade 3 black? Dark enough to cover eyes but able to see out. I would definetly be down for 3 sets! Create an on going sale here and on whitearmor and I'm sure these would go fairly quickly.

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I'd go for a pair of Scootch lenses, maybe even two pairs.

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