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Tekkets ANH Tusken Builds One Large .. One Small

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Well 'm back on track to this project, got side tracked for a while building an ANH Tie Pilot but now thats all finished and approved its time to be creative again :smile:


I've Sewn all the robes inner and outer, Monks cloth for the outer and a material similar to osnaburg for the inner


Gaffi's are on order 2x rubies that I will have to mod


Helmets are on order from Dirty Tusken Studios


Waist bandoliers I will probably make myself, but criss crossed bandoliers are probably cheaper to buy when all is said and done


Today I made a start on weathering the inner robes, Started with my sons as it is smaller and therefore if I wreck it less material wastage but I would like an opinion on my weathering so far ........does it need more, is it ok or have I overdone it ??


It looks much lighter in the pics than it really is so may be hard to give an opinion, Brown Acrylic paint with black over the top fraying will be done later .....the washing machine does a wonderful job of that, then some touch up of the frayed ends.


I watered down the paint and used a garden weed sprayer to apply does it look too splotchy??










Yes I know its not black lol............but thanks for looking anyway :D

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