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Toddo's Silver Novatrooper


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I really wanted Ty do have the honor of ushering in this costume to the Legion. Now that he has, it's go time. Pew! Pew!




The game references look more matte to me for the black, so I chose to keep my armor understated. I also added the ROTJ-style trim and kept the detonator off. Like Ty, I chose to keep the orange pauldron off as that looks lame IMHO.

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Looks great Toddo!!!


I kept mine glossy to keep it like our other troopers, that and I used my base armor from my others so had no choice but to keep it glossy. That matte looks awesome though! Good choice on the pauldron too! Same thoughts as you on that. :thumbsup: Now a silver pauldron....




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Ty, I interchange for my Nova and Nova Elite as well, but I wanted to build a whole new suit for this one.


DE, thanks. I always wanted to be an action figure.

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Does he still do armor anymore? I thought he was just swimming in his room full of helmets like Scrooge mcduck


Hahaha. I think he is likely getting busy with Haunted House season upcoming, but I think Scootch keeps plenty busy in the workshop.

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