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Isith's Incinerator Trooper

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Still working on this, try get it to Centurion level sooner or later.

Needs a bit more weathering too, although it actually is a lot dirtier than pics show :)







OK, not the right weapon here...



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Nice job. You have the rubber trim even. You might weather the boots a bit more as in the photos they are more white than the shin armor. I'd also recommend a few more chips to the red flashing on the helmet to be more consistent with the game images.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments :)

I do agree with Toddo and Scubacat though, it's a bit too clean and tidy.

I have actually weathered boots more after the pics were taken.

This was my first costume and so far weathering is a compromise between some really weathered INCs and CRL which stated that suit should be lightly scuffed.

It's always easier to add more weathering than to remove it ;)

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