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general weir visor


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I've had luck with this guy. It isn't a hard visor, but it looks great. You could always couple it with a clear visor to make it rigid if you felt like it, but you don't need to.

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Chef's suggestion is the same fellow as mine. Keep in mind that neither comes with the hard plastic. It is more like a mirrored sheet. I use it for my Utapau Shadow Clone.

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For mine, I used clear lexan and cut it to shape. I then added standard mirror tint to the back side and painted the from with clear red RC car paint






Its a little hard to see through, but its another option

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the visor off Ebay works great. I have installed that material in my Shadowguard, Gree, and Shadow Clone helmets.

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Another question for everyone! For the bandoliers they are bright red how does it sounds if the are battle worn and withered down to show use? Would that work or Should I stay with the bright red?

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Hey guys so i have been working on my weir costume but couldn't help to notice something in the reference pictures. as you can clearly see weirs Belts is pretty beaten up so i think i am going to go for that look when i come to that point in time. Weir is not a typical general he wears a storm commandos armor to show that he is not afraid to get involved in combat (which he is in most pictures) so making him look a little worn is a valid argument.


the last thing i want to point out is that in the bottom right reference picture you can clearly see that not only is his bandoleer red but his belt boxes too. i know in most pictures this is not shown but i personally think adding more red would contrast well rather then the couple hits of red on his bicep plates and the v on his belt. If you guys agree that i have the ability to go ahead with this let me know. i think it is a good move just because it looks better. let me know thanks!


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Hmm. I think it would be interesting to see but in the rest of the comic pictures, they are not red. I guess it would be a choice matter just like the weathering. I would have back up parts just in case.

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This is the issue you get with comic stuff. There is always some inconsistency within the cell frames.


You have to look at the majority and see what 'most' of the detail looks like as there will always be some anomalies (same can even be said for screen used stuff if you look hard enough).



And I think that most of the source material shows the belt as black, so I would advise sticking to this. As most of the other troopers have too. You don't want to give your GML any reason to query your build.

You are right that there is one where they show red... but you'd have to fight that with your GML, as it is not consistent with the CRL and all the other Weirs out there currently.

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Sorry for all the questions guys just like to get input. So I am not going to alter the belt I'm going to stay black to keep it safe.

I am a huge fan of the battle worn armor on the scout troopers with the signs of wear and tear at their armor.

I went through the reference pictures and weir's armor is a little beat up with some scratches and such. I haven't seen any spec ops guys go battle worn but hear this idea out. If possible making the damage a grey or steel color to make the appearance as though the armor is steel underneath and the paint has come off from use. I just think it could look awesome seeing a weir a little different from the rest nothing crazy just enough to stand out.

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You say none are weathered!!


My own armour is painted, Satin, over gloss. This has over time naturally weathered revealing the gloss plastic underneath. It doesn't tend to show in pictures because it's very subtle. But in person it's quite noticeable and does add a real dimension to the armour.


I use the background source material outlines below as a basis of this approach.




Their armor was based on the scout trooper's light armor, though the black color most commonly seen earned them the nickname "shadow scouts"; it was enhanced with a coating of an advanced polymer called reflec, which deflected light and sensor energy. This made the wearers virtually invisible to all but the most determined of scans.



So, I have the base black armour as the shiny 'armour' part. and the satin painted coat as the 'reflec' coating. As it weathers, this coating is removed.


That's what I tell people at least.

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Depends on what you mean by 'better maker'.


MonCal armour is more screen accurate, but last I heard it is considerably more expensive and there is quite a waiting time.

Whereas Jeff's at SC is still a good robust suit, but it's cheaper and he'll get the stuff to you in double quick time.

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Hey everyone I'll be posting pictures of the boots I have been making with a fellow 501st member and all the other part I have up to date tell me what you think! Should be up by the end of next weekend.

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