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Starting my Build

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Howdy Everyone,


So I'm starting my Storm Commando build.


I've got:


Flak Vest (Cathy Borders)

Cummerbund (Cathy Borders)


Holdout Blaster (Polymer Armory)

Helmet Kit (Studio Creations)

Armor Kit (Studio Creations)


On the Way:


E-11 Blaster (Striker)


My issue is that even though Studio Creations included a pretty detailed instruction sheet with the armor kit, I've never undertaken a build like this. My other costume is an Imperial Officer. I've tried contacting my garrison and even emailed the GCO directly with no response. How does one go about assembling something like this, having never done it before, with no support, without screwing up and wasting a lot of money?

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My first recommendation would be to read through as many threads as possible on this section of the boards in particular, although reading through others, particularly the Tips Tricks, wouldn't be bad.


My other recommendation would be to, if you haven't already, go on the BSN boards, because the Storm Commando and Scout Trooper are nearly identical in every respect, with the exception of their color schemes.


Welcome to armor building!


- Master Tej -

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It can be very frightening to start work on hard armor. I stand by everything that has been said here about research. You'll get all the support you ask for here. Fear not. We are here to help, and like all of those before you, you'll be in hard armor in no time.

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HAve fun and as you see there are a lot of folks willing to help if you have questions or get stuck ... "ask twice ... cut once" ;)

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Thanks a lot gang. Fear not, I'll be annoying the hell out of you with questions real soon. BTW my boots and E-11 finally came in so I actually have everything needed for a complete Storm Commando now. I'm going to try assembling my helmet this week. Wish me luck.

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For my SC i used a TON of Gel Super Glue and clamps. I couldn't get it to line up perfect but using some plastic epoxy I was able to fill in the gap and sand it smooth once everything was set.


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Rear bottom section goes over the dome. again its a pretty rough fit and doesn't seem like it lines up correctly. You will need to just do a little shaping and get it close then fill in the remainder of the gap with the putty

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As Above...


Everyone here in the UK uses Satin because it looks meaner.

But there are quite a few 'unpainted' ones out there, so naturally they look gloss.


Might be worth having a word with your GML to see if there are any others locally, and fall into line with them. If you're the first, I would suggest you go with Satin. But use Gloss on the highlight areas, such as the chest indent, greeblies and helmet detailing.


(it's the little things....).

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