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Kat's shadow scout wip

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Hey guys


Back in the spring I took part in a group armor order with some guys in my neighboring garrison. I decided to go with the Shadow, I already have an approved RotJ scout....plus it will be cool to have a TX since we only have 1 Spec Op trooper in our garrison at the moment ;)


Finally after months of waiting and a three hour drive I have my armor in hand!


Its SC (same as my RotJ only this one has the improved knees!)






Unfortunately there was some him-hawing with the makers of the helmet kits (not SC) and the shadows ended up getting sent white kits :(

I was very unhappy with the helmet kit when I got it in hand. Bad pulls with lots of bubbles and other problems. So I contacted Jeff at SC and placed an order for a black kit (early Christmas gift to myself lol) So now I get to start the waiting process all over again...but at least I have my armor to work on :)






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Thanks guys!


I've started trimming and cleaning up the helmet. It's a pain in the rear since there's soo many wrinkles and bubbles esply in the eye area. It's soo bad in places I can't tell where the "lines" from the vac mold should be :(






I'm thinking I need to cut out some more on the sides of the "eyes". What do you guys think?


Thanks :)



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To be honest, it doesn't need that much more out of it. The one on the left (as you look at it) could probably do with curving a little more to match up the right hand one, and a tiny bit of rounding in the top corners (not a lot).


What make of lid is it? Just out of interest.

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Ohh ok, thanks soo much!


It's a KS. I have heard mixed reviews from different people about the quality of their kits going down over the years.....not sure if that's what happened here or if it was just a bad pull that I got :( Personally I don't see myself buying another one from them.

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er... yeah.


They've been on the decline for a while, and it's either a combination of worn (read, 'shot'...) bucks, and bad forming. But either way, they shouldn't really be leaving for customers.

Not with how much they are charging!

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Ah I thought as much


Thankfully I got the group discount because we ordered so many kits and I got a $50 refund because they sent white instead of black.... So I'm not out too much cash.


Still massively disappointed in what I received tho

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I need the cost of base materials and living to come down in Britain, and then for the Exchange rate to go more favourably and not have such drastic shipping costs!


(just as an example, Diesel is £1.38 per Litre here, *calculate* that's $8.40 per gallon)


Then we might be on a winner.


Granted I can get more than one set of stuff in the box, but shipping is always done on volumetric weight, so it's the size of the box and not what's in it.

I sent 4 sets of Colonial Marine armour over to the states for the same price as 1 a few months back, all because I could get them all in the same box. Suddenly made the £40 shipping a little more reasonable.

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Hey guys! sorry for the long disappearing act.

Things here have been insane. The flu along with sinus infections have been partyin' hard at my house. But other than a hoarse voice and bit of a lingering cough I'm back on track :)

I finally received my SC helmet kit and WOW this thing is sooo much purdier than that KS crap! So first question, is there a tutorial around for putting the SC together?

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I just got an SC Shadow Scout kit myself. Not sure if you still need it, but I emailed him about a tutorial for the helmet and he sent me some PDF files with photos of the process.

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