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Question about armor strapping...

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I think i can see the light at the end of the tunnel for getting my armor... ATA says I'm next in line so it should be anytime...


I was wondering about the strapping system... I've got friends who have assembled without using snaps on their armor, using velcro instead... does anyone else have experience with this?


Just trying to weigh my options... I'm not totally opposed to snaps, but if all velcro is possible, that sounds pretty good to me...

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most i know who use all velcro start having malfunctions when you get hot and black will the heat will soften the glue parts will start shifting of seperate completely best to do snap plates for the male side and webbing for the female side and use marine snaps so your sweat won't corrode them

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I've used both, and both have pros and cons. Snaps can be tough to close sometimes and can pop open as well. However, when they work well, they work better than Velcro. Velcro is easier to fasten when your are encumbered by plastic, but it isn't always the strongest. Snaps were used in ANH and ESB whereas Velcro was used in ROTJ. If I were to build a suit today, I'd use snaps.

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If you use Velcro then I suggest two extra things. sewing and superglue.

Sew the Velcro to your elastic and/or webbing, don't just rely on the velcros sticky (assuming you got sticky back stuff).

Also it is a good idea to run a bead of superglue around the edge of the Velcro that is stuck direct to plastic. You have to be careful doing this to not add too much or it will run somewhere it shouldn't.

The effect you are aiming for is the glue forming a weld line on the edge of the Velcro linking it direct to the plastic. think of two steel plates lying on top of each other with a weld line holding them together at the edge.. helps the brain understand what I mean.



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I have also used Velcro and pops as well but I prefer the pop snap system as its more sturdy and reliable.

There is really no simple way of doing this its basically what you are happy and feel comfortable with. There are various systems out there that people use but not all are suited for everyone. Iwould probably scan a few foums like ours and maybe FISD and see what you like that's gonna work for you.If u get stuck or confused by all means post up here and we can help you out.

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That picture can't be trusted on the arms. The shoulders and biceps just go in the middle grove, I don't have any on my forearms. To get the shoulder bell from spinning or moving I test fit and put a snap on the bottom of the shoulder strap there. The bicep keeps it stable but you'll have to crimp the strap snap or it'll pop when you raise your arm

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