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TX 4813's Magma Trooper WIP

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I've had my armor for a couple months and finally got it out of the box and have begun on some rough trimming of all the armor. I finished the helmet already (minus the tube stripes), but I didn't take any progress shots of that. I'm eager to get started on this. I have everything I need minus the boots right now. Still contemplating what I'm going to do for that. I may end up getting another pair of TK boots to strip down and dye them red.


But here is a shot of everything on the work bench. :)



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After a few months on the back burner, I've been making progress on the armor.












Ordered boot dye last week so that's the next project. I'm hoping to have most of the armor done this week.

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I cheated with the tube stripes. I used a template, but I must have used too much paint so everything bled. I had to take them off and use decals. The rest of the helmet is free hand. I may redo the stripes on the traps on the back of the helmet. My hand was shaky when I did it the first go round.

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I will post some more pics soon. I been caught up in another project for c7 that's taken all of my time lately and Ive been fixing my nova too.


But I have the thighs most of the way together and I have the back and the chest ready for test fitting. :)

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