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The Snipers Animated Swamp Trooper WIP

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Hi Spec Ops troops, just realized that I haven't started a WIP of my Animated Stamp Trooper in this area, so the first few comments will be cut and pasted. Them will update everything from here.


Update time, here is what's going on.


Armour: SC have here and just started on it, like later today.

Neck Seal: Arrived today.

Scout Blaster: Not neccessary for Stamp Trooper Animated, but arrived today.

1.5 inch green webbing: Awaiting arrival, ordered 3 weeks ago.

Flight Suit: Ordered from a member on BikerScout forums.

Green Marine Vinyl for boots: Arrived last week, local supplier.

Flechette Launcher: 85% complete, see build thread.

Swamp Trooper: Researching, going with Desert Eagle, I think...

Modified Thermal Det: Painting now, first 2 coast on, will post up pics, later.

Gloves: Had SA gloves, but have bought more suitable gloves. Need to send in size.

Cummerbund: Will be sourcing material this week.


Still need to buy, Desert Eagle, Cummerbund, alternate lenses, 2 inch green webbing for belt and a LOT of out of the box thinking and patience.


Stay tuned


That was at the 30th September.

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Ok fast forward to today 25th November 2013.


Here is the armour progress.


Costume made Thermal det, making the belt clips now.



SC armour, need to "Swamp it up"







The Swamp pistol.




Fletchelle Missile launcher






1.Helmet has been made and roughly painted, just needs weathering, lenses (grade 5) approval of the costume snout and final touches.

2. Flight suit has been made and got a message today that it's on the way.

3. Starting the boots soon, have green marine vinyl.

4. Need to add belt clips for the thermal det, need to check clips for approval before attaching.

5. Need to source correct material and colours for cummerbund. Have someone that will be making it.

6. Need to send in colour matches for the belt, before starting that area.

7. Replacement gloves have arrived so will be posting them up in the next few days.


I'm trying to have this finished by April 2014 for our next may event CoastNova and Dreamworld 2014. I'll be posting up WIP as things get done. Working fulltime and a partner that lives down the coast means spare time is limited. But will have this done ASAP.

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Thanks for the fantastic comments troops. I haven't done much the last few weeks, as I have just started a new relationship with someone very special, so travelling an hour each way to see her.


Also when I posted this, stupid me put "Stamp" instead of "Swamp".


So can anyone with command access change the title of this topic? Not sure how to do it myself... Beyond my computer skills.

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Hi Justin, just checked my Ebay records, the stuff is just green marine vinyl, bought from a local supplier here in Queensland. However I did carefully colour match it to my armour so everything matches.


Haven't started the boots yet. Will post them up when I start them.

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Had boxing day to work on this Swamp Trooper.. Here is the helmet, minus the blue-green bolts, have to find the right colour this week.








The lenses are Grade 5 and the ears are plactic, covered in black cotton. The snout is hand built and the fish hooks are the analog type on each side.


Thoughts Spec Ops troopers?

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Great job. You will be the first video game version of this character. Really nice work on the detail (TD, snout, greeblies, color, etc.). Although I'm a traditional scout guy, this one will look great due to your hard work and attention to details. Keep it up and can't wait to see you in this one! :thumbsup:

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14 hours ago, splinter said:

Unfortunately, Craig passed away Jordan. But the Redbacks completed the build for Craigs wife. :)

Oh man. Please forgive me. Still new around the 501st. This is sad news though and didnt mean to drag it up. 

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On 7/28/2018 at 10:59 AM, splinter said:

Unfortunately, Craig passed away Jordan. But the Redbacks completed the build for Craigs wife. :)

And she looks awesome @splinter!

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