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Dizzy's troop setup

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Awesome job on the tutorial Derek. I need to modify the armor to my size though, I'll definitely need to trim and bend for sure, the armor is a bit larger than I thought. I am also 5'8" but a lot skinnier. I guess I'll wait a few months to modify the armor as I'm bodybuilding and I don't want to mod the armor and then outgrow it in a few months/years Lol. Man I love the two helmets, especially the ATA for some reason. Thanks again bud.

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Aight man, I'll post a thread as soon as I get some pics. I'd ask you guys not to laugh but I don't really care what people think, plus laughing is good so laugh away! Seriously, the armor looks ridiculous on me at the moment, I look like Dengar or something Lol. I'll need some serious trimming and I'll be eternally grateful for advice from y'all.

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Hey Dizzy! I may need some of your guru help. I want to put snaps on my armor but I am wondering if I should have double snaps in some areas for extra security. I really love the clam shell idea as well and I think I am going to go that route. :) I might ask for a few pictures just to make sure they are in the right area.

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tops of the thighs horizontally, use 2 inch black elastic. the butt, and maybe where the shoulder bells attach to the straps. those are the areas that have the most load. but bending the male ends of the snaps is important too so the other ones dont pop out easily, ill have to make a tutorial for that.

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Yeah I have been trying to follow this video so that everything is in order. Going to try to take pics as soon as I am finished for approval. Also need to shine it up and such. Going to go your route. Seems the easiest and best I have seen so far.

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