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Phase 0 Dark Troopers Reference Pics


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Not sure if anyone needs it, but I do have the 3D model at my disposal, and can provide suitable reference upon request.


I can without a doubt confirm the identity of parts:


- thigh, belt (including two main boxes and thermal detonator), abdominal, kidney, cod and butt armor are all clone. The shoes are clone however, are missing the strap that a normal clone shoe has.


- Biceps, forarms and shins are stormtrooper. In my initial research, I believed these to be semi-custom, however, having gone back and did comparisons between the darktrooper model and the in-game TK model, its been determined the above pieces are indeed identical.


-chest/back, shoulders and helmet, are obviously custom.


Just email or PM me if you need some references!



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On 5/9/2019 at 3:51 AM, Blue Hatter said:

Here are all of my Phase Zero Dark Trooper references. If any others are needed let me know, I have the game model and I can load it up and snap some more screen shots.


Will check it out once I clear some other stuff from my plate.  THANKS!

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Hope nobody minds. I don't necessarily know the correct protocol for this, so I'll just drop a link here, and delete it if it's incorrect.

Here's all the reference pics I have atm of the updated Dark Trooper model from the new Battlefront 2.

Working on getting the 3D model files from the creating artist for reference, if possible.




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