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Shadow Scout Questions


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hay everyone I was thinking about starting a shadow scout and was wondering if any of you scouts out there have tried this when building there kits,

has everyone always gotten there kits the black abs, or have some of you done the normal white scout armor / bucket then painted it black for the shadow scout

also ive been looking at peoples wips and have seen talk about flat black vs glossy black so I was wondering what do both look like and what one is thought to be better


thanks guys

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I think it's the logical progression for any Scout to then go on to the Storm Commando.


I went for the black kit, and then painted it 'satin' black. This was in part our GML's choice, because he wanted the costume to more closely resemble the source material.

I think he made the right choice.


The benefit of the black kit, is that if it does get scuffed, and invariably it will, you don't need to worry to much about repainting it.


Here's me in mine. Sorry for the boring pic, but it was for a Gallery pic, so needed to be 'dull'.



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Hey...I know that helmet! ;)


I'm a shiny scout, but that's just they way I wanted mine. :P


It is SC armor in black shiny ABS. As Chef noted, with scratches and wear, it'll stay black as opposed to showing white marks if painted black.



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My Shadow Trooper was originally white, but I had it car polished glossy black. It has a few battle damage spots, but nothing shows thru white. Great question, Venom because I have a white Scout Trooper that I'm wanting to build/convert to a Shadow Scout also :)

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mine was painted in gloss and it held up pretty well but it does have lots of scuffs and "battle damage" weathering lol I really dont want to repaint again so I might just either convert it to white again or sell it to get a black cap abs from SC....because I really do like the shine....I like shiny things


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