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Flamethrower (TFU Plasma Rifle)

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I've been mulling over the idea of scratch-building a flamethrower for my Magma Trooper. I'm not seeking 501st approval with it, but I think it would be a nice addition to the costume; maybe something I can bring to an informal event.

Specifically, I'm referring to the flamethrower used by the Incinerator TKs from TFU. Just a shot in the dark here, but would anyone have any advice on how I can approach this? It would be my first scratch-build, so any help would be appreciated. Too bad the former FISD DL, Dashrazor is no longer active...otherwise I'd drop him a message (he lives in my state!!) I've seen pictures of his flamethrowers, and they're nothing short of phenomenal!


If only Wookieepedia was an official LFL source...we could make an argument for the Flamethrower to be included in the CRL! :sweat:

"Magma troopers were also equipped with SS-Mobile-tech flamethrowers."

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For the tank, I'm looking at some "Super Soaker"-type water guns for something that has a similar shape, which I can later make modifications to.

Maybe something like this:



This is what I'm eventually going to want to make it look like:


(Taken from Quartermaster's thread on FISD)

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Mike, if they used them in the Force Unleashed, then surely that's a canon reference as TFU was a licensed LFL game wasn't it?


If you can blag a screen grab or similar from the game, then we'd be better able to guide you in your search.


There are plenty of things you could use. A super soaker would be a good start as they are roughly the same. But add on parts such as greeblies and or extras to make it stand out.

For a big tub. What about a container that disposable wipes come in? They're pretty big and round.

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I know TFU is a canon source for the flamethrower, but there is no visual evidence of a Magma trooper ever carrying one. The only thing we have to go by is the Wookieepedia article, which isn't an official source.

I'm not going for 501st membership with it; I have my E11 for that!

I'll pick up some wipes at the store today. I'll get you guys a screen grab when I can get to a PC (on my phone right now)


Thanks guys!

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As I'm the resident Incinerator here, I'll share photos of mine. Wiggleplum sold me his after Mason flaked on building one for me. I'll answer whatever questions you have to the best of my ability. The meter lights up and blinks on the fuel tank. It's a nice touch.





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Thanks for the photos, Todd. I've got a pretty good idea of what I'm supposed to be looking for now.

This gun looks good to cut down and use for a base, right? Cheapest one I could find: $25.99, free shipping.


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Just took the plunge and bought the gun! I have my canister of wipes in hand (don't know what I'm going to do with the wipes but whatever...), so now I just need to find PVC and some random little bits of metal or plastic :laser:


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Decided to get back to work on this while I wait for my Mandalorian armor kit. Not much I can do with the TX..


Vent holes cut out, rather sloppily. I'm going to be cleaning it up with some spot putty and will try to get some square corners (I know they should be round, but square is my personal preference). At the end of the barrel is a kitchen funnel that I cut up. It's held on with E6000 right now, but I'll be puttying that to the PVC soon enough. The "fuel canister" is an empty container of disposable wipes.

One of my coworkers gave me a bunch of parts from an old sewing machine, as well as a few random bits of metal and plastic, which I'll be incorporating into the weapon. I'm still looking for some small ribbed tubing..can't seem to find any at Lowe's.


And I apologize about where I've placed this topic..it just occured to me this was a "Non TX/Custom Creation" :laugh1: :laugh1:

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This build. Cost me 0$$

For a change i had all the randoms laying around

In my garage hoardings


I used a hasbro e-11 for a base

Already full of aound/ electronics -

Also a recognisable star wars blaster base


Has laser


Lights up when fired ;)

Not ti shabby for free and a 3 day build !!


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$0? Not too shabby at all, and your end result looks pretty sweet. I've been doing mine off and on for a couple months now between other projects and I've probably spent close to $60 on it. But I don't have a lot of spare parts laying around most of the time. :thumbsup:

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