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Working on my Legs!

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Anyways so finally getting to work on my AM legs that was shipped down from izzi (thankys)


so been working on the others



mmm first i use masking tape to mark where i want to cut (since pencil lines dont work on black too well)



some heavy duty scissors



let it nom nom away on the armor



and ding its apart...only recommend scissors just for the straight parts...will go to the dermal for the underside



so then your left with the masking tape



can rip that off (i waste lots of masking tape sorry) so it looks like this



note to self hand hurting with red spots will be apparent



here i notice the back dont got a stip



so i am using the front strip in the front to fake one on the back....yeah



lol more coming soon >.>

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Those snips are awfully close to your toes...:icon_eek: , :lol:





ugh how about a dermal?



i dermal like i cut lol in my lap sitting down which kids dont try this at home thing lol

but first off got to trim the insides



i like to create stress relief so i cut lines in to the area i want to cut usually perpendicular to it



then i dermal the area and most of the time i dont go all the way due to that fact that i dont want to slip with a dermal in my lap



if done correctly (least to me)then the flap will be able to bend and snap




a little rough but will sand it down



ahh look at that gloss reflective armor



this is next to my old one so i am thinking of taking 2 inches off...since i am short *sighs*


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Tori - Well done. The thighs are going to look amazing. Good call on re-using the back trim for the front. I did the same thing that you are doing - trimming the inside lip of the thigh so I had more room / less scratches. I also used a dremmel but I usde the sander attachment. It went a bit slower but ended with the same result (I didn't trust myself to use the cutter in case I slipped).


Good job and thanks for the pics!

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>.> yeah dont worry i am using my old one as reference and i trim it one inch and it doesnt fit still so two inch it seem great just the back knee area i worry about to see if i want to trim it a bit for more mobility

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ok so i glued one leg together so far which front side they are the same height



now for the back i am not sure what i should do if i should cut the behind like the other one on the bottom or trim another inch from the top. As is atm i know that my calf armor will hit the top armor and i wont be able to walk too well lol. Which my other question is how far up can the thigh armor go if i were to cut another inch off, when i wear it it is sitting right above the knee cap



and here is a comparison pick new AM left old FX right


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well i go research crazy lol i think i may have to cut the back on the bottom to give me some mobility...i want to be able to make it down and up the stairs lol

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soooo after a long hiatus on working on my shadow trooper i finally going back to it to work on getting it ready for a photoshoot coming


taking izzi's advice to put some snaps as extra support....snaps everywhere



also working on fixing my chest plate so its shorter...and here is my method since well i dont like to use the dremel so i use it sparingly

first i tape where i want to cut...drill holes in them



now connect the dots with a scissors



and then sand it down with a dremel which took less then 5 mins =) eheh helps with the powertool challenged (like me)



ta da!

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so yeah if some of you know my damage blaster from before which i needed to work on fixing so i had an idea to make it battle damage instead...so i basically weathered my e-11






After (really rough weathering):








eh i will keep on working on it


incase any of ya want to know what i did was take my gold and dark grey gloss spraypaint spray into a pan then take a brush and dab into the quickly cooling mix of darkgrey gold mess and dry brush it on to the blaster....makes nice scratchy lines and drys fast (plus it puts a little gloss on it that reflects in the light so it makes it look like it is metallic)

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That's a nice looking E-11 Tori. What kind is it? Did you build or buy it?


I think its a recast of a MR but my friend bought it for me last last christmas

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