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Sky trooper/jump trooper

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Hey! Looks like you got a good start, one thing I might suggest is to bring the face of the helmet in closer and tighter (especially around the chin) and make it little curvier around the frown. Here's a pic of the actual model from the Force Unleashed.





I'm very familiar with this helmet's design having built one like it in real life with Pepakura (it is the same exact helmet as the EVO Trooper, just with some details added/changed). If you want I can send the entire 3D model of the whole trooper to play around with (and that goes for anyone else too!). Keep it up, it's looking good though (better modelling than I can do!).




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So today I noticed I had made some errors with the master so I edited it some. I vacuum formed and the master held up well, the only problem was that the plastic I have is not melting and stretching properly. I bought it about a year ago and it has a rough rigid side and a smooth one, I think the rough side causes the plastic to not melt properly and holds it together a little better, so I need to get some better plastic in the mean time.

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So I finally got my vacuum former to work this weekend it did a great job, the only problem was that my master had some problems with in in detail and it kinda came out not like I wanted it. it also turns out hot glue and heat don't get along well, so most of my master fell apart after the pull. Back to the drawing board I will make a better master for the chest and reinforce it with fiberglass so that it will not fall apart.. and I'm going to make a more consistent master as well.


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Hey, that sucks about the master, but keep at it! I've noticed that there is a great deal of trial and error when doing this stuff. Learn from the mistakes and keep going! And don't be afraid to stray from the pepakura templates, make modifications if you can in real life rather than on the model. I use pepakura to get me a general shape to work with and then fine tune with a knife or scissors. Good example is the curve along the bottom of the chest plate, rather than following the angular nature of the model, modify it to make a much smoother and more natural curve! Just a tip from my experience using pepakura. :thumbsup:


Here's my Shocktrooper chest to demonstrate. You can (kinda) see the original angular template over the "finished" piece. There are even a couple spots I want to touch up, but a couple of seconds with some scissors and you have a nice curve.




Keep at it though, I never get it right the first time!!




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