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Ok, so for my next build I have already started to gather parts for a shadow scout but I wanted to get some extra parts so that I could also do a general weir build. I have spoken with a builder and it should be easy enough. :) I am going to have them customize the build so that the t-bits are magnetic so that I can switch them out and I will have separate belt parts. I also have a way to switch out the visors. :) I will put up pics of the parts as soon as I get time tomorrow. I will also be putting up pictures of my final finishing steps for my shadow stormtrooper. I have been on three troops with it for test runs and now I know what I have to do to it to fix a few trouble spots. Snaps are amazing by the way!


What I need to know, is this acceptable to do to be approved? I know what the differences are and I am trying to make it so that I keep my costs down. :) Also other than the red belt v, bandoleers, tk neck seal, red visor, and red t-bits, are there any other differences that I am missing between General Weir and the shadow scout?

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My advice Torri...get your scout completed and approved, first. Then, you can add your extra tweaks and create the GW variant using your approved base scout. What you are proposing would be acceptable on Weir, provided you cannot see anything noticable to pull it off (magnets on the bits, gaps in the belt, etc.). He really comes down to the red used in the bits, bandolier, and belt (that it matches in color), and the red visor.

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Ok, quick question, would it be acceptable to have the V on the belt as a separate piece where it could magnet on as long as there would be no visible seams?

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Magic. But seriously I think I have a plan. ;) I will have to talk to a few people about all of this but if I can pull it off, it will be awesome and I will be a pioneer in it all.

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Thinking about it though. I could have the V separate and have it attach/have the connection point where the red stops so that it will not be noticeable.

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