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Belt Questions and others

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Ok, so I have literally just finished putting on all of the male snaps onto my armor. I was wondering now about the belt and a few other parts.


For the blaster holster:

Is it supposed to be firmly fixed to the belt my rivets? (or something else) Or can I just keep the loop system I have where it loops over the belt?


Another one for the belt is that I have the patten leather material I will use to cover my belt with for specialist but I am not sure how to attach it. Should I use some sort of fabric glue or super glue or is there a different way to do this?


How does everyone attach the leg ammo belt so that it stays and does not move?


Last.....maybe is if I want to use mostly snaps with nylon, where will I absolutely need elastic? I was thinking just in the cod piece/butt plate connecting area.


I can post pics if anyone needs to see what I am talking about.


These are hopefully the last of my questions before I start asking if I am accepted yet! :D

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From looking at the specialist approved Blackhole troopers, I can see that either way of fixing the holster to the belt is fine. However, if you mount it with snaps/rivets/screws make sure it is mounted on the left side per CRL.


Elastic... I have a bunch on the TK I just finished. Sorry for the blurry pic



All the straps you see there are elastic. Now this was built to FISD's centurion level. I am not sure if the specialist level here for troopers is that extreme. If it is not, then disregard my strapping system. Otherwise, I have some small elastic, like micro small, to hold down my shoulder straps in the rear. I would also put a band of elastic around your biceps that attaches to the shoulder bells. See this picture of me with a goofy clone blaster



And last on elastic. I feel some that connects the bicep to the forearm would be nice.



Attaching leather to your belt. I assume that you have plastic straps that you are using as a belt currently? If so I would recommend to spray the plastic(mask off or detach from belt face/front) with the new e6000 spray. Also use that on the leather material. That should work.




Ammo box on the leg. You can put a screw that runs from the inside of the thigh into the ammo box. It does not screw into the ammo box, but acts more like a shelf for it to sit on. Ill dig up a pic if I can. There are other ways I am sure, but before you do what I said, make sure that it will be good for specialist. I know for my TK, I just used split rivets and let it float. It doesnt move because I make the rivets pretty tight, but if I need to adjust it for pictures, I still can.





and like your Facebook post.... No flash please :thumbsup:

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This actually does help a bunch! I would love to see it as a shadow but it should work for right now. Curious as to what the snaps are connecting to on the front part.

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Ok, another question. How should I mount the patten leather material to the belt? Should I make a sleeve of the material so that it can slip over the belt? I was thinking of permanently attaching it to the canvas belt I have.

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I'm ABS only, so I could only offer an opinion. From what I have seen, most folks use the leather belt for the body and just attach the front part to the belt (like via E-6000, snaps, or another method).

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Ah! Ok. I was thinking that I am going to snap my belt to the ab plate so that is doesn't sag so much. I really hate being so small. Some of my local garrison members are going to try to make me into C3PO once I get accepted. So far almost all of the snaps are in place. I am going to try to make a sleeve for the belt so that is something happens to it, I can fix it easily. Trying to get this build finished is driving me nuts!!!

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Keep up the good work Torri! Your almost there and I now how you feel. My wife sewed the pattern leather material straight to the canvas belt. I also used a tip from Tekket and put grease proof

paper over the material to help stop the needle from sticking to the material. I don't know if you are using the same material but using the paper was a godsend. Just a bit time consuming pulling

the paper out of the stiches.

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