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Qucik Questions for Magma Trooper

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Ok so I took the straps off of the chest plate to see if the elastic strap system I have is in its correct placement so it doesnt hide the ab button plates. It is however it is right up against my neck





In order for the ab buttons to show the abs plastic straps in the back have to go very far down so is that acceptable?




Thank you for the help


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Yep, that is fine. For my setup I trimmed about .5" off the chest/back straps on the backside. That allowed me to pull up the front on my setup. You could do the same and trim about .5" off each one. It'll look better.


This is how mine was done:


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I think it would be ok to trim the rectangle tabs off the straps as well. A number of TK variants require that anyway.

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