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Decided on Medic costume

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After very little thought I have decided to go with the Novatrooper Medic costume over the Stormtrooper. It just seems more fitting and I like the way it looks better. But before I get started, where is the best place to look to see what differences there are in the armor (aside from the color of course)? I am referring to detail of how the armor is shaped or anything along those lines. Also, how "exact" does the light red need to be? It looks very pink to me in the photos. If I could weasel by with a little darker red, that would be awesome.



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Glad you went with the TX. You're going to stand out in a sea of white :trooper: :trooper: :tie::trooper: :trooper:

The Medic armor is exactly the same as a Stormtrooper in structure. I would try to adhere to the referenced colors as much as possible, because your costume will be scrutinized by the LMO team before approval. I don't believe this is being approved at the GML level yet, because there aren't many of them. Last I heard, this is still the case for the red troopers, which look to be greater in number.

And to answer your question about the paint, the CRL tells you exactly what shade you need:

"The Novatrooper Medic red has been identified as Kirsch Red from Sherwin Williams: SW6313. RGB Value: R-154 | G-70 | B-80. Pantone code: 696c."

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I am used to not "being accepted", so that really isn't all that big of a deal. I will have to do some more reading to find out what all that means though. Can't go to battle without a medic though! I will be needed :)

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Oh yeah...I forgot you probably wouldn't understand all those acronyms yet :laugh1:

Anyway, in simpler terms, your costume can't be approved at the local (Garrison) level, but rather by the Legion Membership Officers at the Legion level. :thumbsup:

Have fun trying to treat our wounds with your helmet on, btw. Don't let Vader catch you taking it off.

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I have had to do things in full hazmat gear in real life. Also doing cpr, intubation, iv therapy, and defib in a tiny bathroom with one foot propped up on the tub and the other on the toilet while leaning on the sink. The helmet will be like a vacation :)

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