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Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Army Trooper

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I came across this picture someone grabbed at a con where some pre-production images regarding the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels TV show. I don't know the official name of this Imperial trooper, but it looks a lot like a modified AT-ST pilot.




Other variants of the AT-ST exist already, such as the Imperial Army Trooper and the Imperial Destroyer Engineer. Both builds of these so far have used the standard AT-ST helmet, but this one is different and has a lot of custom armor.



AT-ST base helmet with "code cylinders" on the sides, but no rangefinder on right side or depressions for metal rod in the back. Painted a light gray or white. Black Imperial cogs on both sides of the forehead.

New white custom faceplate worn underneath which seems to be based off of the McQuarrie Hoth Shield Generator concept painting. The Snow Clone helmet is based off of this same picture and may be a useful starting point.

One of the main characters of the show, Ezra Bridger, holds this helmet (presumably found from a crashed Tie Fighter). Looks like Hasbro will be releasing the helmet I don't believe it will be up to snuff. See pics here.




Very close to standard gray Imperial jumpsuit. Thigh pockets have chevron closures. Knees are reinforced. Back pockets exist. Commpad pocket seems further up the arm than standard.



Standard Imperial Crewman belt. Snap is worn to the right.



Close to standard. Three decorative stiched lines are on the back of the hand, and a lighter-colored panel is on the outer side of each gauntlet flare.



Same height as jackboots, but don't seem to be made of leather. Three equally-spaced rows of strapping (?) on the shaft of the boot, with an adjuster buckle at the top outside position.


Shoulder armor:

Shaped like TK shoulder bells, but without the midline ridge. Have the same row of raised lines at the bottom edge like a Snowtrooper, but the bells are too long for standard snowtrooper shoulders. Painted black or charcoal gray, as is the rest of the armor. Large white Imperial cogs over the shoulder joint.


Back armor:

Looks like a standard Veers-style backplate with different detailing.


Chest armor:

Custom piece that is reminiscent of a Biker Scout chest, but is completely flat. Does anyone else have a similar reference to compare this to?

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I'd say the Chest plate is indeed a Scout one. The details are pretty much identical, despite it looking flat, and the extra indent on the other side (more of a red square, than an indent)

Shoulders look to be the same shape as Scout ones too, but with the modification of the bumps on the lower bit.


The rest I concur with.


Faceplate could be done with a modded Storm Trooper faceplate, and the boots could be constructed in a similar fashion to the scout ones, based on a Chelsea boot or a black work boot.



So Who's going to make it??

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This would be a cool costume to do, as a realistic interpretation. :thumbsup:


The Star Wars Rebels show is going to be pretty cool. Although, the costumes took on a slightly angular aspects to them. The stormtroopers we know and love changed, ever so slightly. The cartoon version may be a little wonky. :teehee:







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