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Toddo's Novatrooper Medic


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Every year I troop the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. Last year a bunch of my garrison-mates were slapping pink tape on their costumes in support of the cause. It occurred to me that the Nova Medic would be nearly perfect for such an event. Ok it's not pink, it's Kirsch Red; however, everyone sees it as pink, right? Anyway, here's my latest Spec Ops costume:







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Awesome looking Medic Todd!!!


Thanks Ty. Like you, I now have a complete Nova collection.


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I'm pretty sure that Ty had a complete collection first.

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Nope Todd, you are the first to have them all. :thumbsup: I'm still missing the regular Nova... I just need to get a helmet for my complete set (it's one of those things I keep forgetting to do). :D

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Toddo, awesome build!! I am new around these parts and had a few questions. I know it's Kirsch Red, but is it a spray paint you used or a house paint? Did you get it from a paint Store or other source? Thanks

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Sherman Williams house paint. I then brushed a clear coat over it.

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Another question from the noob, what are the measurements for the red stripes? Like how wide on the shoulder bells, helmet, forearms, etc? I looked on the CRL on the 501st site but it doesn't seem to have it there.

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