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Need to find cheap 501st approved full armor kit!

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the spec ops division. I currently own a supreme edition shadow trooper, I found out that its not 501st approved. I want to start over and have everything for my new suit. Can some one give me direction of where I can purchase a full kit at a low price? thank you.



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that thing is tiny on you, and there are many black options immediately available unless AM has those kits formed. but if you havent already, whitearmor.net usually has white ones you can find easily. best bet is to fine one for sale thats around your height/weight someone is selling.

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I'd suggest looking up the Alpine Garrison (http://www.alpinegarrison.com/) and join their forum. Then once in there feel free to ask around as someone might have a costume they are willing to part with. This way you can meet up with a bunch of troopers in your area, get to know one another and hopefully get you on the right path.


There are a large number of Special Ops members in and around Salt Lake that can give you a hand finding and building the kit. And as there are a number of different costumes the Alpine folks can help out.


If you didn't get any results there then we do have a few folks on staff here that will PM you with a bunch of information.


Hope that helps!

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