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TX-7161 Reporting for Duty!

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I am pleased to announce that today, Memorial Day 2014, that my Shadow Stormtrooper has been approved!


I have been waiting for this since I purchased my armor and helmet back in 2010!




Now were can I purchase Special Operations swag?


I am really looking forward to getting a Shirt, stickers, and a couple of patches. Will I need to wait for a run to get started or does anyone here have any of those items for sale?


It is an honor to be among the ranks of the Galactic Empire's Finest Troopers!



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Thanks Troopers!


I plan on purchasing a black pauldron this Friday and another down the road. I will use one of them to sport my Garrison seal, 501 legion seal, and 501st Special Operations seal and the other to use for other photo ops.


After that I will either be making a set of black binders with holster or purchasing some and then I would like to find a DLT-19 Heavy Blaster, oh yeah!

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