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TX 3639 Jr. ...Mini build =D

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Sooo yeah >.> I got myself the TX kids kit and even though my nephews are kinda too small for the build...(I'll make it work)


I'm not one on process so this is more of a progress pics


Well start by what it looked like out of the box!



Then got working on the helmet



And this is what the helmet looks like next to a EFX (my helmet)



Probably will get matted black for the vocoder (i think it's called)....anyways I've been following Pandatrooper build on http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/tutorials/article/1-howto-assembling-ata-abs-helmet-1/


Went and trim the extra plastic from the other parts and well..the ever so fun sanding down the edges x_x

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How fun! Can't go wrong following one Terry's tutorials. Keep the pic coming.

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lol we shall see steve...that will be several years


well after a couple of days n work n stuff went to trimming phase



and of course nephew is kinda excited so he wanted to put it on...I worked a bit on putting the chest together




my nephews are freaking thin so I would probably have to cut away an inch off everything =/

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So yeah I did went off and cut like an inch off everything...>.> did work on the arms...still slapping those strips on



And went off trimming those that are done and decided to cut a bit on the chest piece too...we are pretty much luke size family lol even on tiny portions



getting there slowly x_x

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so much fun. I hope he enjoys wearing it.

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I do hope so too lol but the one most excited is actually a bit smaller so it's going on his older brother for a bit till he grows into it







probably have to pad the sucker up but yeah...inch of everything seems to be doing the trick

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Lol yeah though big bro not as excited as little bro....well anyways was working hard to get it done before a 4th of july parade and well here it is...though I need to glue the crud out of it again hehe...minor details. Anyways I slap on a quickly made holster till I find a more "his size" blaster...didnt want to leave his little bro out so I bought one from disney outfit and blaster >.> he pretty chill with it




After went to a convention and met up with a friend from SF garrison....lets say we just stood there for a while...people taking pictures galore lol



Anyways till i get some more pictures from people I shall post

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