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Shadow Scout at PHXCC

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Here's my Shadow Scout at PHX ComiCon, as well as show you my other cosplay I did. Before any of you ask about the balaclava I'll answer that one now lol I couldn't get my fan to work in my helmet and being in 108 degree weather was miserable enough so I left it off. Thanks for taking a look and hope to be putting in my submission pics soon!! D2A632DB-9414-418E-8494-9A805598760F_zpse1zyn4ox.jpg 14B1C22A-07C1-4DDF-9E6F-990114EC07D8_zpshql3qypq.jpg C5BD37FE-0EEA-463D-9A43-933D9D30C455_zpsa6lnopsm.jpg C3519255-4C00-4C0C-9D5F-A5795129864A_zpsmvk34g9k.jpg 1AABB553-0694-4D2B-BA80-59350366E2A9_zpscijkx7wr.jpg E867DD78-7441-42BB-8A0A-53A784915FBE_zpstxgeoytc.jpg

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