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kit armor advice

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My name is Franckie I am French and I have the Project of acquisition of armor of June soldier of the (shadow) to Concretize a dream.


I am in connection with An American Manufacturer, BUT The Deadlines of long wait interesting CORNS ARE VERY ( 8 months), ARE the Prices


I come Towards to glean You On the concerning information The sites of Whom I Can of Them And The Manufacturers Turn


]I Went(Surrendered) and The Forum liras praise VOS messages, BUT BEING perfectly English-speaking that he(it) very long HNE.


Thank you for your for Councils(Advises) possible!

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Welcome Franckie! Forgive me as I do not really speak Francais. Are you looking at ATA armor for the 8 month wait?

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Je vais essayer de contacter celui qui fait le kit pour verifier combien de temps il lui prend pour l'avoir pret.

Tu peus m'envoyer un message privee afin de mantenir la communication.


(je m'excuse si jamais mon Francais n'est pas tres bon mais cela fais deja plus de 30 ans que je me suis gradue du lycee!!)

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ATA is great armor and worth the wait, but it looks like the good man Crazas has you taken care of.

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Hello and thank you for your answers:)




I contacted you by mp:) thank you very much for your approach!

PS: and your French is excellent! :)


TODDO: thank you, there is only one manufacturer who creates these armors ATA?


Because two send e-mails are not even....

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