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Swampy on the go!

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Well I don't actually get much chance to work on costumes for myself any more... and this is no exception.


But I thought I'd share this for your delectation.


This one is going to Oz when it's done.



Apologies for the pictures, for some reason the colour is well washed out on my phone camera. I think it's the fluorescent lighting in my workshop.

Suffice to say the colour is much more 'green'.



Chest plate for the armour (all other bits are done).




The armour is going out as a kit for Scott to assemble himself



Helmet. This is being built up for him.

Stage 1 assembly. Making sure everything lines up. The face plate has dropped a few mm as it's not held on by anything yet.



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And a bit more...


Bund and Pouches now done.









Pouches are made from a slightly coarser material and is a touch lighter in shade, to provide some detail contrast across the costume. They're both 'bottle green' on the label.

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Here ya go Scott.


Final hit of colour done the other day, bit of a polish, and stuff later...












This last shot is a bit grainy due to the rubbishy zoom on my old iPhone. I'd tried to zoom, to get rid of the usual perspective shift and give a more accurate representation of the lid.





I have to say the 3m replica bolts aren't too clever, so that may need a bit of thinking. But it all holds together.


Just your vest and boots to go.

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Righty chaps... After some input here.


I'm a bit stuck on the vinyl for the boots. I can get two greens, but neither are an exact match for the armour green as the references would imply.


Here are the two.







I think the Grass green one will be too bright, and the Hunter Green one is too dark (but incidentally is closer to the bund and pouches).


What do we think? Anyone got any links to any alternatives? I'm getting a bit stumped on my end.


Is it worth posing this question to the LMO's to get their input?




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Righty... Here are the closest of the samples that I have.


I still think the bright green is too bright (certainly more than the picture shows).




I've put the armour and the bund/pouches on there too, so you can get the comparison.


Opinions please.

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