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cover strips on overlaps

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I have an AM armor kit and would eventually like to apply for specialst and was wondering do I need to completely cut away the overlaps in order to do but joint or is it ok to make cover strips to go over. I'm really just worried about taking too much off if I have to do but joints and how I would go about it.

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How large are you Doug? AM armor is larger than most, so you depending on your build, you may have nothing to be worried about.

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i cut mine so the overlap areas were 1/2 inch then butt joined them and put inner and cover strips for added durability. my whole build is here http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/2443-dizzys-am-mods-and-build/


but i recommend giving panda's tut a look over


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Dizzy has you steered in the right direction. You won't have problems fitting the AM with cover strips. Like our man Izzi once said, measure twice, cut once, then throw-up. :)

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