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Legacy Fem Trooper

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Seems like the Jes Gistang Legacy Fem trooper is the hot topic tongue.png

I guess Ill start a build thread as well for Val, BH-10227's build




It arrived last Friday. I have been teaching her about trimming ABS armor and she started working on it on Sunday.


Only pics I have right now







We should have some more work done tonight and ill take some better pictures.


As for the rest of the parts for the costume. We have ordered boots that we feel should work. We also found a wig that is close to the statue's hair down mode. We already have a few neck seals, so she is good there. Same with pants and gloves. I also took this as the perfect opportunity to order a DLT19 biggrin.png


Things we still need. I am having a hard time finding a affordable long sleeve compression top. I also want to buy one of the statues to have as reference, and once this is built, I can put it in my office at work cool.png And We need a helmet once a Legacy sculpt is finished. until then, she can use my MC TK helmet.

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I wasnt sure what will be acceptable so I figured I would go both ways.


Now starts the search for a temporary helmet. I want to troop in my white armor with her in this, but we only have 1 white helmet at this time.

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The process is started and I am hoping to be part of it. I see no reason what so ever that the legion won't accept legacy troopers. In the end, I am sure there will be a single CRL for legacy troopers with both male and female options on the parts that would be different. Then in the optional section at the bottom, there would be more specifics for individual troopers including Jes, where she would have red hair, blue eyes, etc.


At least thats how I see it. The only thing I am really wondering is if there would be a chance at approval without a helmet. Jes is a specific face character and (without having the comic in front of me) is seen more often without a helmet.

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We were hoping for #001 or 002 but I guess 3 is good! Got the first pair of boots in today. Hopefully they will workout good. If not we can always use them for other things!



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