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Imperial field medic

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So I saw a medic thread started and figured I would see if this one would qualify for a Spec Ops designation. I was hoping on getting started on this as soon as I could but with moving, finishing my TI, and such it has been put on the back burner for a while. Was looking to see if this would be a good venture to even get started on. Thanks for any feedback.




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I think the goggles are like the AT-ST Drivers, just pulled down. I also noticed the pants are not quite the officers pants. The shirt may start out like an officer's but has arm pockets. The third photo shows one in a crew jump suit. Once I get done with my move and TI, I will get to designing the base of the costume. Thanks for the kind words. I'll give it a go and keep everyone updated. :)


*Edit...after looking at the lid in the photos...it appears to be a snowies lid without the face cover.

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I'd love to see this one come to life. The helmet seems a bit off from a snowie lid. I'd really like to see some 360 images of this guy to get a better sense for the costume.

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I wish there were more images for this costume. I have to agree with the 360 view too. That and why the cap instead of the helmet on the one?

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That's good news. Ty has been quite successful at grabbing such images from games in the past, and the detachment is richer for it.

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I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but what source are the 3D models from? Are we looking at another TFU trooper here?


Also, this is exciting because you've got three references! If you could do this, it seems like it could so get pushed through! Then, we could maybe even work on getting somebody to do the surgical scrubs version as an alternate to the combat version! (See below)




Go for it! Go like the wind!


- Master Tej -

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