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Beren's SC Shadow Scout bucket

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I got the helmet assembled but still have a few minor details to do. I've tried to make it look fairly "accurate" by cutting out the ear holes and placing material behind to simulate depth.


The CRL for 501'st approval is very basic, but I'd like your advice regarding decals and painting... Should I leave everything as is? Or, should I place the decals (bar code stripes, fish hook, nose and faceplate)? Should I paint the snout detail grey? What seems to look best for the shadow scout???






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Yes to the Decals... Speak to TrooperBay, he does a really good satin set, where the details are gloss black on satin backings. Really nifty.


I'd paint your bolts and the snout a contrasting black.


So if your main bucket is gloss black, then paint your snout Satin or Matte, and vice versa.

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As I recall, there are a couple of 'doubles' on Mike's decal set.


These are for different makes of helmet.


You should need the following.


1x Barcode (rear left of main helmet)

1x Fish-hook (Square type, not the rounded one). Left blinder.

1x Nose Crescent (the one that best fits your lid shape)

1x ForeHead Tri-Bar. (again, the one that fits best)

2x Rear Traps.



The rest are all surplus to requirement.

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