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Imperial Army Trooper

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Hello there,


i hope i'm right with my about the following Topic here:


I recently encountered the description of the Imperian Army Troopers on Wookieepedia and would like to know if I would build such an Costume with the Help of reference Pictures and Text which describes the Armour,

would it be authorized because there is no CRLs.


I add to my Post the Pictures I found on Wookieepedia and the Text which describes the Armour. The Way I read it, the Imperial Army Trooper wear the same Armour as the Snowtrooper, which means Breastplate, Backpack and Termal Detonator.


Thank You for your Informantion.


Here the Pictures and the Text:


Text from Wookieepedia:


Their uniforms were cut in a similar manner to the Imperial Navy Troopers, although they were primarily green on occasion. They also wore plasteel armor of a similar nature to the Snowtroopers














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You should go for it. There are a couple of things to note:


1. Being that this is a not yet Legion-approved costume, you would submit it to your local GML who would then submit it to the Legion Membership Officer. It will then be subject to additional scrutiny as every detail must be perfect for new to the Legion costumes.

2. Having said that, you will have to make sure that everything matches supremely well to your reference photos. For example, the pockets on the jumpsuit would have to have the chevron flaps, etc.

3. If you decide to work on this costume, keep a build thread here at Spec Ops, and we can construct a proper CRL along with the costume. That can really help your chances of getting approved.


Make sense?


Being that the jumpsuit is green, would you be constructing it yourself? I am not aware of anyone who currently makes an Imperial jumpsuit in that shade.



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Hi Tobias.


At Spec Ops we specialise in costumes that are not yet on the rosters.


It's a bit of a slog, that's for certain, but we're well versed in the process and can help you along at every step of the way.


As Todd has said, your build needs to be absolutely bang on for submission to the LMO's through your local GML.

From your costume we can build a coherent CRL that can be added to the rosters.


We would need to ascertain the provenance of the sources to see if they're LFL approved artwork or not. But we're on to a good start with the Hasbro figure, which I think will pretty much cover us for a main source of reference.


But the main and important part is that someone has to make the first step and get on and build it.


I think this is easily achievable.



Probably the most difficult part to source would be the Jumpsuit, which essentially looks like a green version of the TIE/ AT-ST pilot suit. This would probably need to be a special order from someone who makes the TEI suits.

The rest is pretty simple.

Boots, belt and gloves similar to the TIE Pilot or AT-ST driver / Officer

Helmet the same spec as the AT-ST driver or Armoured Cavalry Officer

Chest plate same as Armoured Cavalry Officer (with rank bars)

Back Pack, same as the Snowie, painted to match chest plate / helmet.


Thermal Det (TK version)





Keep us posted if you go ahead with this, and we'll work with you to create a CRL and all the things you'll need to push it through with your GML.

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Yeah... Agreed.. the suits are pretty similar, if not identical.


The colour difference may be an issue. Are they grey on the toy?? Possibly not. It's certainly not the same green as the chest/helmet etc, but is it grey the same as the Pilots??


This might not be as big a hurdle as first thought though. Because you could get an AT-ST pilot jumpsuit and dye it the correct colour.


The rest after that, as said... is peanuts.



When you going to have it finished??

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it is my understanding now that they no longer require three consistent independent references, but merely one that shows 360 Degree detail around the 'entirety' of the costume. Such as the figure would provide.


Obviously this will need clarification with the LMO's, but it's certainly what I have been lead to believe with a couple of the recent submissions.

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You're probably right Chef, but I think it never hurts to be able to supply more than an action figure as the source.

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Yeah, for sure...


Just wouldn't want people to not attempt something because they can't find enough references, when in reality they probably have enough to go for it.



Like Bro did with the Snow Scout... Get it built and worry about the protocol later!

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Here, have a lovely picture of Maximilian Veers wearing what appears to be a nearly identical version of the action figure suit.




Somebody correct me if he's wearing something already approved, but I did a little surface digging on the internet and found that picture. The biggest difference I see is in the jumpsuit, which is much more of tan or light gray than green color.


I'd even venture to suggest that the green jumpsuit seen on the action figure is actually just a combination of poor lighting and a green background, mainly due to the inconsistency in color between the three sources, though we'd need a version of that figure to back that up with independent pictures. I mainly suggest this because the Imperial Army, Navy, or Stormtrooper Corps. hasn't ever used a jumpsuit that color or near that shade (that I've seen), and maintaining consistency in a costume, particularly when you have a source like the one above, creates familiarity for a new costume that makes it more likely to pass.


Case in point: the NovaElite backpack was only a sliver of an outline, and yet Izzi was able to make the fairly large leap to say that the outline, which somewhat resembles that of Sandtrooper backpack, is in fact just that. In any event, I hope the source above helps.


- Master Tej -

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Check out this topic: - > http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/1629-imperial-destroyer-enginer/




At the end of the day, it comes down to a front/back/left/right image as reference and a member who is willing to develop the costume. The CRL details will come from that member's build along with the images. However today, the detachment who starts the costume is not necessarily the detachment where it will remain. Case in point: Snow Scout.

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I have to agree on the idea of a 360 reference. We have a great snow scout or two here in the Mountain Garrison. I feel that as long as there is a really good reference, even if it is one or three, and the builder/member is willing to go the extra length, then the costume should be approved.

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