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Armor painting

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I know I asked this in my build thread but I am not sure if many people saw it and I apologize for asking again if it was clarified elsewhere.


I am building a novatrooper medic costume. Of course, the armor for this needs to be black. My armor came to me WHITE. Do I want to paint the armor before or after I start assembling and gluing parts together or after everything it together.? I ask because I have a few conflicting suggestions on how it should be done. Some say paint last, after everything it completely assembled and some say paint before I assemble while everything is in separate pieces still.


Thank you!


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Since we are on the subject, I have a follow up question:


"TX Kits" come in the black plastic. Is there a preference that the plastic keeps it's natural color? Do you "lose points" if your armor has a full paint job?


I'm a newb, this is my first set of armor, and I figure there is a high probability I'm bound to have at least 1 accident while assembling it. In analyzing the flash and scrap plastic i see that it has the potential to grey if split or stretched at the edges when snapped off. Primarily my concern is what could potentially happen if/when I go to sand it.


If I can do a finish coat after the fact, then I guess it doesn't matter ... but that leads me back to the question on whether it matters or not if the armor maintains its original finish or if it's fine to paint it afterwards.


Or maybe I'm over thinking it :) ... better ask the experts I always say!

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