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Stormtrooper Armor Build

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OK, I have already posted some of this in another thread, but it's time I gave it a thread of its own. I have already made a couple of E-11 blasters and a paper mache stormtrooper helmet. Now, I'm getting down to the nitty gritty with some serious vacuum formed armor and other handmade accessories. Here's what I have so far...


E-11 Blaster (scratch built)



I made this holster for my E-11 blaster over the weekend...



Neck Seal (scratch built)



I ordered these boots this weekend...



Vacuum Formed Armor Parts



I still lack a vacuum formed helmet, knee bandolier, belt, thermal detonator, hand guards, and a few accessories. I have already purchased brow trim (US52) and neck trim (SWR149) from Seals Direct. I also have a dark green visor material for the lenses.


I strapped the chest and back together with elastic at the shoulders and added the formed shoulder straps to the chest piece. I am working on trimming out and fitting all of the armor pieces I now have. I have more ABS plastic on the way to finish the parts I need. Stay tuned...

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Here's the helmet more or less trimmed out, still held together with magnets. Eyes and frown are cut out.




Trim out, prime, sand, paint, rivet together, trim and attach ears, attach brow and neck trim, attach mic tips, detail traps and tube stripes, assemble lenses and padding... and done!

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