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Novatrooper / Elite Novatrooper Reference Pics


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This post contains all excellent reference pictures for the Novatrooper, without having to search through an entire thread (yay!). If you know of others, please post your new find so we can verify it and move it to the top post.





Star Wars Galaxies (PC game)

screenShot0048.jpg screenShot0047.jpg screenShot0046.jpg screenShot0045.jpg screenShot0029.jpg screenShot0028.jpg screenShot0026.jpg screenShot0025.jpg


Star Wars Galaxies (TCG Game)

Elite Novatrooper:



Dark Novatrooper:



Star Wars RPG: Rebellion Era Campaign Guide (WotC) [This flash design has not yet been approved]


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I believe that the RPG reference should be removed since it is NOT accepted by the 501st

This gathers ALL references for the troopers. The CRLs would be the guidelines to follow. Who knows, if more references show up in the future it may be accepted one day. The problem is WotC detailing is pretty soft when it comes to their pictures, so I believe that's why it's the odd man out.



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I believe, after lots of thinking, that it a T-21 with some modifications. Knowing SWG there is a Modified T-21 in the game that is a T-21 with the stock cut off. I can grab a screenshot if you want.




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I'd avoid that "bit" of gold for now. On the picture, it's only 2x7 pixels wide and doesn't follow the edge of the pack any further. My guess it that it's supposed to be some sort of gold reflection off the armor, though it could be the cap to the mortar tube. Until we get a higher resolution version of the picture, we may just want to wait on it.



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Is it me or is the Nova Elite in the third photo, the one sent by Sith'ari, wearing two knee plates becasue it is gold on both knees. Would that mean if someone did a phase 2 stormtrooper then we could also do a phase 2 nova elite?

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