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Helmet Padding

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Hi everyone!

I write here hoping to get some good advices to work on my own helmet.

Wearing it the other day I realized that it is really huge for my head. It is already padded inside, like this:




Now, do you think I could get something good which fits me just adding the structure of a construction helmet and MICH padding kit?

Should I get off the original padding?


Thank you everyone!

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Honestly, I have the same padding, and what I found was that I didn't need to remove it all. Figure out where it is hititng the most and remove those pieces. Just exacto the shares out. Since they are broken up that way already, it makes it really easy. I don't have a handy picture of mine, but I remove some padding from the sides and forehead and then it fit like a glove. I'd go that route before spending the money on something else. It usually just a matter of getting it all sitting right.

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I think Mindy is implying she needs it to fit more snug not the other way around, so currently it feels too "big". If I'm understanding her correctly that is :)


Ha, well a whole different problem, now isn't it :). I actually had to solve that problem with the same padding. You only really need the padding in a few places. On top, forehead, and sides are the key area. I found that I had a lot of unnecessary padding so where I needed to thicken it up, I took the pieces I pulled out and glued them on top of the ones that were already there.

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Nice bucket. Is that an Arakyel ? Or did you build it ? Anyway its great looking. :thumbsup: I was gonna suggest what Steve said, just double up on a couple areas and you should be set. You might have to fillet the pieces so its not too tight. Keep up the good work... :D

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I have that same padding. What I did is Velcro all my padding in so I can remove it if indeed to work on any of the electronics or even change it around. I stayed away from glue as much as possible I even made lenses and used Velcro to attach them. I've had it like that for a year. I trooped in cold 30F* and hot 95F* weather and the Velco held tight through it all. I Even used Velco on the outside of my O2 canister / thermal detonator clips that stick to the back of my kidney plate behind the belt. It saved me many times from someone trying to take it off. It's on tight it's really hard to get off lol. Anyway I also ordered some really good padding from Grainger the industrial supply co. And cut strips that I measured and placed them behind the padding you have in there now to make it tighter. And yes the industrial Velco I use sticks to everything so I stuck it to that padding as well, works awesome and looks really good too! Check out my Up grading my bucket post in this forum.

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