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So, whilst I wait to clear some funds from the wife in order to buy my kit ... I'm researching the other essentials for my gear, primarily the blaster. I'm searching for an excellent RT-97C tutorial. I know they exist, I'm just hoping one of you have the bookmark for it already saved somewhere to make my life easier.


I see some awesome builds already online, but of course, the ones I'm finding aren't linking their start up materials ... see the following:




^^ He's getting some awesome results, but I need his start up plans and he doesn't link them - to which it's another forum I have to join in order to just ask! :)


Can you guys link me to some DIY weapon build spots? I figure the blaster is definitely something I can build for fun to save cash.




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I have tons of bookmarks from various interests and sites. I have seen a few blueprints including MG34 and a Lewis Gun. I think I have seen one for this blaster too. I just need to locate the link or jpg. I usually save anything related to blasters, since I collect them. I'll see what I can dig up. :)

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