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Looking for CAD files

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I have been wanting to fabricate Storm Trooper armor for about 10 years now and have finally gotten to the point where I can invest the necessary time and energy to do so.


I am on the hunt for CAD files of the original Storm Trooper armor. I would like to fabricate the Shadow Trooper armor in carbon fiber. I am a machinist and have the capability to CAM and cut the molds for fiber layup rather than vacuforming plastic.


I will be happy to share the patterns and the CAM files when I am done.


Thanks for any help.

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Thanks LaziFox. I appreciate your input.


The file that you shared is a 2d isometric DWG. For some reason SolidWorks shows no geometry on import. I can open it in eDrawings but it is in an Isometric view so none of the measurements that you can take are going to be accurate.


The search continues........

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I can't imagine that everyone that makes their own ST armor is building their own vacuum molds. There are a lot of troopers out there. Surly someone has taken the time to build solid models in CAD. Even if every individual is building their own molds and vacuform tables where are they getting the dimensions from?


I am fairly retentive in my work and want my armor to be as close to accurate as it possibly can be.

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