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Shadow Scout.Need guidance.

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Hello, I am from Malaysia. As you all know, Malaysia is like on the outer rim where it is tough to obtain armour parts and such. I've come across many posting about many different guys doing these armours all over Europe. I've come across Armor Master, ATA, Studio Creations and Korpserkel. But I couldn't make up my mind on which to pursue for the Shadow Scout I'm hoping to troop in soon.


I am 155 cm.

I am a university student (Budget is quite tight)


I kindly ask for your guidance and thought.

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I know a lot of guys use Studio Creations. I don't think AM or ATA make Scout armor. Mine is Moncal. Our very own guy Chef makes it in the U.K. and it looks tremendous, but I don't know what the shipping would set you back. You might send him a PM to inquire.

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There aren't many makers of specific Storm Commando armour out there.

But any normal scout armour will suffice, it will just need to be painted.


There's, Studio Creations (a good serviceable set of armour) and some chap in the UK that make specific 'black' commando armour.


Kropserkel, MonCal and MG also do white armour.


MonCal being the best one of the bunch. Avoid the MG armour, because whilst it's cheap, it's shape is pretty nasty.

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Is MonCal website farawaycreations? I've contacted Studio Creations, I am too small for their current mould but by February 2015 their make a smaller one. Korpserkel has not reply me yet. Between SC and Korpserkel,who'd you guys suggest? Some guys I see split orders, helmet from one and armor from another.

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