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Cal's scout WIP


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I finally am at a point where I can begin piecing this together :P Haven't bought anything YET but I did have a few questions.


Someone mentioned in another thread that SC was going to come out with a smaller kit in Feb? I emailed them, but if anyone has more info about that in the meantime, neato. I'm 5'4" and petite. It'd be awesome to have another option.


If you were focused and assuming you already had the soft parts and boots and all, how long would you say it takes to get the armor done from when it arrives to when it's ready to wear? I know it depends on how much sizing/shaping you have to do, but it didn't seem like there was that much to assemble... it's just that I keep hearing people act like it'd be really hard to do in a couple months. Why would that be?


I was looking at a few boot bases and wanted to know which would be better to make the boots out of.





I think the soles on the first are more close to accurate, but I kind of prefer the actual boot shape of the second.. I just think it would be more comfortable to have something higher than ankles and having a zipper instead of laces... but from someone with experience, which would you say is better? I'm also likely gonna put lifts in 'em if that means anything (I need all the height help I can get :P ).



Otherwise the only progress I've made is that I went to the army surplus store to try on a few flightsuits and the guy there ordered a couple in black for me to try when they come in in a few weeks :)




Oh and someone said they have a pistol I can have so that's something checked off too.


Hopefully it wont be another month before I post an update :P

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HI Cal,


To answer your question about time, that really varies from person to person. Some folks take a long time to do things because of time they can afford or due to precision-work, etc. Others like me, once they have the parts, run with it and make it a whirlwind. I tend to do things in ten minute increments in between all of the other things I have going on in real life. It is really up to the person, their experience level, and what sort of time they afford to the project. Potentially a scout could be done in a couple of days or it could be a few months.


As for the boots, the first choice is clearly better. The sole is a big part of the scout. Even those would require some simple but time-consuming razor work on the soles to look accurate. They are a great base though and are similar to what I used.


As for the flightsuit, I recommend avoiding military suits as they have too many pockets and zippers. What many of use is a racing jumpsuit from Redkap. They are super affordable, fit better generally-speaking, and have nothing you have to remove or hide.


I hope that helps.

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The flightsuits they were ordering didn't have that many pockets and I can just remove the ones they do. Redkap doesn't seem to carry anything in XS.. I fit into the size 32 flightsuit and the smallest redkap has is 34.

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Here are my mild updates


started building boots:




I know most of the lumpy laced parts are gonna be covered by the other piece :)


Also got the stitching mostly done on the cover piece. Still got a ways to go on these.


Also finally able to buy synthetic gloves from imperialboots.com! Yay! So those have been bought and I will probably make a post at bsn about them since I might not be the only one who has wanted nonleather gloves. I can't be the only vegan in the legion ;)

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Keep 'em coming buddy.


Just watch that crease on your left boot. You've got a diagonal crease running from the inner bridge to the outer toe. Can be easily removed by tweaking the outer side of the vinyl in the bridge/back area.

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Finished my boots




Also I got my gloves finally




These were the gloves I bought from imperialboots. He was the only person I could find who would sew me a custom pair out of vinyl. I think they turned out pretty nice and they fit well. I expect I will have to replace the "suede" with something more suede like.. I don't think the microfleece he used really works all that well. But I'm pretty happy with them over all. I'm only worried because they aren't as thick looking as the leather gloves people are using... which is nice on a practical level because thick gloves are cumbersome and these look pretty elegant on me, but I don't know if they look -right-... someone please assuage my fears because if these won't work, I don't know what I will do.


I'm afraid the rest of my build is going to have to be put on hold yet again due to the job situation... but even if it takes me a year, I WILL GET THIS DONE.

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The gloves will be OK... like you say, they're a bit 'fitted' and the vinyl doesn't 'quite' work, but they have all the details needed so I'm sure they'll pass muster. I guess I'm just incredibly used to looking at leather gloves.


Your boots on the other hand.... Top job there Cal. They're turned out real sweet. Now just cut the details in the boot soles! hehehehe.

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I agree with Chef on both the gloves being passable and the boots looking amazing. While the details in the sole aren't required for approval, they sure do give it that something special. I was worried about doing it, but it turned out alright. With the attention to detail you paid to the boots, yours would look smashing.

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Wow thanks so much guys! I am pretty proud of the boots but of course I owe much to the fabulous tutorial. I actually did start carving the soles with an xacto knife but then got intimidated because I couldn't make straight lines very well... what's the actual proper tool to use for that? A sandpaper bit on the dremel? I also need to map out the best way to do it that takes the grooves that they came with into account... I don't think I can get them to look just like the movie ones because of that.. but I can try to get something close.

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That's incredibly awesome! What's the card look like? Is it the one you posted on the CVII board?


- Master Tej -


Thank you! Nah, the pic in that thread is a droidhunt badge :) I'm painting 26 sketchcards for the Topps Empire Strikes Back Illustrated set (based on the radio dramatization). I can't show 'em, one cause they aren't done lol but also cause I am assuming they are kept under wraps until after the set debuts.

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