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Painting a white suit black help

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This is a repost. I accidentally posted it in the wrong section before.


So I'm in a time crunch and don't have 9 months to wait for a black ABS suit. I have an opportunity to get a white ABS suit to paint black. What are your opinions on rattle cans (spray paint) versus urethane (auto paint)? I should also consider that if I were to need a touch up from a scratch or what ever that spray paint would obviously be the better choice. With auto paint I would have to strip and repaint the entire piece. On the other hand, auto paint can take hits better than spray paint and not damage as easy. Opinions?

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Did you already pick-up the white armor? If not, hit up Scootch. He can get a set of black HIPS to you right away usually. You have to paint it as well as it isn't shiny, but that's not too big a deal. If you have the white stuff already, then I can weigh in there as well. My shadow stormtrooper helmet was originally an ESB stormtrooper bucket. I primed and painted it with Rustoleum, and have had to do very little in the way of touch-ups over the course of quite a few troops.

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Thanks for your input! I actually managed to find an available black kit in the time that I first created the post and now. I will consider your advice for any future projects.

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