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Incoming Shadow Scout


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I just wanted to thank you all for your help and guidance. I've been lurking around and learning from you all as I worked to complete this Shadow Scout build for my wife. Her 501st application has begun, so I am hoping she'll soon join your ranks. As I have done the work and studied this build, I will consider myself one of the family, even if just a distant relative!















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Top job,


Couple of pointers... (that I would consider for Specialist)


I'd drop the belt down, you have the bund sticking out below it at the moment. It should sit directly on the join between the bund and the suit, so you can't see it. The addition of velcro on the bottom edge of the bund and the inside of the belt helps keep this in the right place.


Your pouches need bringing apart.

The aim is to be able to see the ribs on the bund in between them.

The pouches do look big in my opinion. They should be scaled to the individual, and are generally not 'square'. I'm 6'1" and my pouches are 7" high x 6" wide.

Ultimately, your Garrison GML will be the one to 'clear' it. But it's something I would insist on changing should you go for 'Specialist' here on the SpecOps board.

Can't really comment on the bund as it's mostly covered over. The ribs might be a bit wide from what I can see, but it's not a clearance issue as long as you can see them.


Vest neck looks narrow, difficult to tell from the pictures.


The rest of it looks pretty spot on.

She wears it well.


Good luck with the submission.

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Thanks Chef for your feedback! I agree... the pouches despite having them remade once still look a bit too big, and I didn't like how they pushed together. I will likely have them remade (again). Right now we are aiming for just general clearance and hoping these details won't hang us up.

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For now, you can probably just move them apart a bit. They do sit under the arms a bit.... As hopefully you can see here...





But if they're too wide, which I suspect they are, this won't be helping.

Re-position them and see if you can get it a bit better before getting them remade again (who made them by the way??) to save you having to wait.


But eventually I'd look at getting them scaled a bit better.

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The soft parts were made by cucblack. Overall I'm very pleased with his products. The pouches shown on my wife are actually reduced to 5x6". If I were to have them reduced in size, what would you all recommend given my wife's size? Before I remake them, I'll reposition them first to see if that helps.

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It's difficult to say without having a size reference across them.


But the height looks fine, the width could do with reducing. By how much... As I said hard to say without having a rule across them. It's not going to be much, say 1/2" - 3/4" but that should make all the difference.


I've done a little graphic.




The inner edge of the pouches ideally want to sit where the yellow lines are. This exposes the ribbing on the bund. The outer edges will naturally push outwards under the arms, so it's about reducing that a little, otherwise you look like you're carrying round a pair of John Wayne's saddlebags.

Reducing the depth of them can help at this point too. I'd say 1.5" to 1.75" depending on your size.

For me (at 6'1" and a 44" chest) I have my pouches at 7" high, 6" wide and 1.75" deep.


Also, with the bund, having looked at it... I'd say rather than bringing the belt down, just pull the bund up a bit. The spacing on the pouches from chest to belt is perfect, so now it's just about stopping the bund pulling down underneath it. If you move the belt down, it would disrupt that pouch spacing.


I put some poppers (but you can use velcro) on the top of my bund to attach it to the chest plate, to stop it slipping down.






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Wow Chef! Great reference. Thanks so much for the help. I'll get her suited up and reposition the pouches first. I'm hoping I can "hoist" up the cummerbund without ruining my marriage.

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The lighting in my house at nighttime is not ideal, but I'm hoping I've got the pouches in a better location. I took some of the padding out of each pouch and moved them outward to reveal the bund... and I relocated the belt to align better with the bottom of the bund.













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