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SWTOR Imperial Shocktrooper Build

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To start off with, I have never really been accused of sanity. On the contrary, I've often been told that I bite off more than I can chew. Well, chomp chomp.




The Sith Imperial Shocktrooper from Star Wars The Old Republic. I'll be keeping it as perfect to the model above as I can. This includes the denim undersuit, the armor colors, lights, and some of the smaller texture details.




I'm planning to build this armor using a variety of methods. The primary method is pepakura. Besides this, I'll also be using various found items, sewing some, and purchasing some (boots, gloves, etc.)




Rather than boring you with a myriad of details, I plan to show each individual piece as it is built, hardened, detailed, painted, wired, and finished. That should keep my normal Wall-of-Textâ„¢ from happening.




I'll also be building the Imperial Rifle to go along with this build!

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I've been waiting for someone to make this costume. It should be an ambitious undertaking, and I look forward to seeing your progress Jason.

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First thing's first. The bucket.




The pepakura is highly detailed (as in down to 1mm on some faces), but there are some details that aren't present on it.




The wires and resistors on the face are some of the details that I will be adding after the pepakura build is complete. In addition, the two vocoders will have Clone Trooper style speakers put in them for communication.




Two of the details I'll have to add are the lip on the middle of the back and the panel on the bottom of the rear. The ridge detail will actually be a foam mat, since I already have one with the appropriate look.




The eye piece is really small, but I am planning a work-around. The ‘frown' will also be backed with visor material behind the vertical bars for added visibility (and so I don't accidentally run over many kids).

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I was wondering about vision in that thing. The mouth should offer more visibility than let's say 4LOM.

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Okay, time to reexamine my sizing technique. I wasn't really paying attention to the pictures I posted above and kinda messed up a little. I measured chin-to-crown like I would for a Mandalorian or Halo helmet. Too bad the chin actually comes down to the base of the neck in the front. Oops... Now to reprint and start the helmet from scratch.

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Hey Jason wow good luck with this build i bet it is challenging but going to look awesome once you are finished. Was just checking in to see how things were going with this and if you are still going at it.

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